Moving Checklist

6879042-Check-list-with-red-check-mark-isolated-on-white-Part-of-a-series--Stock-PhotoMoving home can be a stressful worrying time. There’s so much to do in so little time, that’s why we’ve created this handy moving checklist to help you remember all the things you need to do before the big day. Print a copy and tick off the things you’ve done to ensure you’re ready to go with no hassle.

  •  Book an estimate with a removal company
  •  Decide on which removal company and book a move date
  •  Purchase packing materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper)
  •  Pack all belongings into boxes/bags
  •  Dispose of unwanted items
  •  Dismantle wardrobes/beds if necessary
  •  Take down curtains/blinds
  •  Clear loft/storage cupboards
  •  Plan new furniture locations in new property
  •  Disconnect washing machines, cookers, etc if necessary
    Re-route post
  •  Notify telephone, broadband, sky, doctor, DVLA, insurance, TV license, bank
  •  Parking/access for the removal van