Parking: Ensure you book it in good time for your move

Another tip that will help you to prepare in good time for your house move is getting the parking sorted for your home or office move.

Most removal companies will expect you to organise parking prior to the moving day.
If you live in a residential area on a quiet one-way street, for example, it is always a good idea to advise your neighbours of the fact that you are moving. You can do so by posting notes through their letter boxes. The neighbours are usually okay with that and have no problems if the removal van is parked on the road.
If there are parking restrictions on your street, for residents only, you will need to organise temporary suspension bays with your local council.
Ensure you book it in good time so there are no problems on the day.
The process is straightforward and you can easily book it online with your council. It is usually much easier for the client to book the parking as they live in the borough than the removal company trying to book it their end.
If you live within Ealing borough, follow the link below:
Hammersmith & Fulham:
City of Westminster:
Kensington & Chelsea
Each borough has different regulations for booking the parking suspensions hence it is best to contact the council directly online or simply giving them a call if you are not sure