Selling Your Home: Step by Step Guide

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You might think that selling a home is as easy as putting a “For Sale” sign in front of the property, but it is a lot more complicated than that! It requires a process of many steps that you have to carefully follow in order to have a smooth and pleasant selling experience for yourself and the buyer. From the moment, you make the final decision to truly sell your property to the time you give the key to the new owner, these steps need to be carefully followed when selling your home.


First of all, the decision that you make about selling your house should be strategic and rational rather than emotional. Always be on alert on what the market value is like for your property before you put it out on the market. You have to consider your actions after you sell the house as well – such as deciding to rent or buy a new home in another location, and if selling a home can cover the cost for your new move.


The next big decision that you have to make is selecting the best agent to sell your house. They will be in charge of everything to do with the selling process, so the better agent you choose the better value you can claim for your property and faster you can close a deal. Take your time in finding your agent. Go through their reviews and contact their previous clients if possible to get a realistic feeling of what it is like to work with that particular agent. Choose an agent who has experience in working in properties in your area and who is familiar with rules and regulations particular to you.


After selecting your agent, you have to discuss and come to a final decision of the price you are assigning to the house. If you are demanding a particular amount of money, always communicate clearly to your agent so that they can consider that amount when they assign the price. After that, your agent will draw up the papers needed to sign the agreement between you and the agent company. You can be involved with the advertising and be promoting process of your home, and offer them suggestions that you think that might work in selling the home because you are the one who knows most about your house after all.


Your estate agent will be arranging the viewings with potential buyers on your behalf, but if you are interested in the process, you can involve in it as well. Remember not to over exaggerate your property in advertising or talking to the potential buyers. After you find the right buyer, you can transfer the legal rights and the keys to the new owner and sign off the agreement.


Once you sell your property, remember to book the removal service for yourself. Decide whether you will be doing most of the move yourself and will only require a Man and Van Service or you go with a full removal service.

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Good Luck!