Our top tips to keeping your pets happy when moving

Moving homes can be stressful for everyone in the family including your pets. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or a goldfish, for a pet, moving to an unfamiliar new environment could be disorienting. Getting everything organised with the help of a reliable removals company is the difference been a tough and stressful move or a simple, hassle-free move.

Although your pet friend cannot directly tell you how the change in their home is affecting them, it is imperative to make their move as comfortable and smooth as possible. Here’s help to get you and your pet prepared for welcoming the new change in a happy spirit.

Here are five things we recommend to do before moving if you have a pet

  1. If you haven’t already got one, introduce your pet to a carrier to make it a familiar environment for when you travel. Getting used to a familiar space helps reduce the stress. Consider not changing the bedding for a few days even after the move as a familiar smell can do wonders.
  2. Register with a vet local to your new residence before you move. If it’s a long distance and your pet doesn’t enjoy traveling it may be an idea to ask the vet for a mild sedative to make the journey easier.
  3. If your pet has an identity tag, make sure they’re attached and with the correct details. Remember, you might need to update these!
  4. To avoid stress for your pet, consider unpacking and removing things from the room where your pet lives last off thus creating less fuss for them.
  5. Groom your pet by cutting nails and brushing their fur. It helps to reduce the chances of self-injury or damage while in-transit.

When moving home with your Cat or Dog

Both cats and dogs are quite similar when it comes to their health care during a house move. If you have a cat, you can consider asking your vet about using pheromone while traveling as it puts them in a sedative state allowing them and you to be more comfortable. It’s a lot less stressful for a dog who travels regularly; they’ll be just as excited as you! Allow your dog one or two pit stops while you travel on the road, however, to allow them to stretch a little.

When moving home with a rabbit or smaller animals

Unlike bigger pets like cats or dogs, moving with smaller mammals like rabbits are quite simple. Just make sure that you maintain a cool temperature in your car not exceeding 23°C to help prevent possibilities of heat stroke. Using a travel carrier is advised.  It may be handy to have treats on board as this will help keep the calm

When moving home with fish

Moving with fish isn’t too tricky. Pack the fish with fresh water combined with the water in its tank to give it a familiar feel. Put the fish back to its tank as soon as you move. Choose a similar location in your new home to place their tank and make sure to float the bag in the tank to bring it to temperature before releasing them.