How to choose the right contents insurance when moving

Having the right cover for your possessions when moving home is paramount in litigating any stress and keeping your goods safe in-transit. Finding out that you don’t have the right level of cover after one of your items is broken, or the worst, after an unavoidable accident on the road can be catastrophic not only from a financial point of view but sentimentally as-well. After all, you’ve lived with your things for years and years, you’re bound to get attached!

Are you covered by your content insurance when you are moving homes?

It is a good idea to check out the content insurance policy when you are moving. Sometimes your home insurance policy might include your possessions as you move and it would have a limit on the coverage amount. If you do not have it included, your insurance provider might help you with adding it.
Be informed that the insurance policy holds good only when it is carried by a professional removal firm. In most cases, valuables like jewellery, cash or valuable documents would not be covered by contents insurance while moving and the best way to carry them would be along with you as you move homes.

What does the insurance offered by removal firm cover?

Most reputed removal firms offer an insurance when you are moving homes for a small additional fee. The insurance covers your possessions when they are under the control of the removal firm and covers against damage or loss due to weather, accident, storm, fire or theft.

If I leave my contents in storage when moving, is it covered by content insurance?

If you opt for a temporary storage when you are moving homes, your policy might cover it. You can always check your insurance provider for more details if you have a set time limit for the storage. If it is not possible, worry not. Most storage companies offer their own insurance.

How to get a good deal on Content Insurance when you are moving homes?

You become responsible for your new property from the time you exchange contracts, so it is important to consider getting a good insurance cover. When you are moving, it is a good chance for you to check if you get the best deal on your home insurance. Getting an idea of what is covered during transit would give you peace of mind during the chaotic times of moving a home.
In a study, it was proved that 81% of insurance providers covered contents during transit as a standard but only if you are using a professional registered removal firm. It is a good idea not to go for DIY removals or using your friend’s van as you may not get the insurance cover if there is something goes wrong during transit.

While your insurance provider might have seemed the best, changing homes is the right time to compare your insurance prices to reassess your home insurance policy. Some home insurance providers might add admin fees when you change your address to a new property, making it a good chance for you to choose a new provider if you are not happy with the fees. If you are planning to switch, always check for exit fees and decide if it is worthwhile taking a new policy.