Tips to protect your furniture and other items when moving

Whilst furniture items can be extremely valuable, many people hold sentimental values to them too, and this it’s important to protect them. In the event of an accident, it can be catastrophic, but not if you’ve packed correctly and used the correct materials. We’d recommend that you start by ensuring you have the right level of cover with your home insurance which we blogged about a little earlier this week. This ensures that your insurance company will cover you whilst goods are in transit, and whilst present at both your old and new home as there will be a crossover. The absolute first thing you can do is learn how to choose a reputable removals company – as this will take 95% of the stress away from a move and is imperative to ensure you choose someone reliable as they will know how to handle your items correctly and safely.

Take an inventory of all your items

By inventory we don’t just mean a list! If something is damaged, it can be very easy to “pass on the blame” – and whilst a company that values their reputation shouldn’t do this, we would recommend that you not only submit a list of your items you are expecting the company to move so that it can be signed off, but take good photos or even a video of your inventory. That way, you can always recall its previous condition prior to transit.

Get blankets, bubble wrap, packing tape, shrink wrap and corrugated cardboard

The above items are important when it comes to protecting furniture or items that may chip if they come into contact with other furniture, or your stairway! Whilst every effort is made to prevent this, having the item covered (especially corners) can save from paintwork being chipped or wood splitting. Most of these materials are inexpensive, and if you don’t have time to grab some, ask your removals company! Many will supply materials, or even offer a packing service, to ensure your goods are ready for transit in the safest way possible.

Use the original boxes that came with your items

It’s understandable sometimes that you may have thrown a few away, but if you have the original boxes for furniture or electrical equipment then it’s wise to pack them in that same box. Why you might ask? Well, most packaging nowadays is designed with Styrofoam that cases your product. This extra layer is great for protecting against bumps in the road, or other goods leaning on your items during transit. We understand however that this isn’t always possible, and where it’s not, you should take extra care to add padding around delicate items. Fragile tape is great too!

Smaller, delicate or valuable items

If you have a fair amount of small items that do need to be put in the van for moving, then we’d always suggest packing multiples of these items into one box, and as above, add layers of padding where you can. By doing this, you reduce the risk of anything being broken quite significantly. However, should you have any real small items that may also be quite delicate (such as jewellery, rings etc), it might be wise to carry these in your personal vehicle as whilst they may be valuable, they’re also precious to you.

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